Artifacts from text on JPG and how to make your images better

If you’re adding text or captions onto your photos, you may want to read this to learn how to get higher quality images.

First, an example of text added to a JPG image:

Notice the area around the text with that murky look. That’s artifacts from image compression. The JPG quality was at 50% for this image.

There are two easy ways to fix this, by changing the image’s settings before you add the text.

The first option is to Convert the image format to PNG. That’s a setting right when you upload a picture to LunaPic. Change the format before you add the text. This will result in a cleaner image, but the file size may increase a lot!

The second option is to Increase the JPG quality before adding text. While the picture itself will not look any better, and the file size will increase, the text added will look better.

Notice the difference? Both options are available right when uploading your images to Lunapic. These procedures also work well if you want higher quality drawing on the image.